As low as £350 for complete multi-page websites. Simple, elegant designs.

There is no catch.
Multi-page CMS websites using WordPress so you keep control. Unique designs, integrating social media, full search engine optimisation and email data capture solutions.


We build unique looking sites using popular Content Management Systems like WordPress. This gives you full control of content, make updates and add new products. Some of our sites are built using Elegant Themes’ excellent templates. Choose from almost 100 designs, which we’ll adapt to fit your brand, and use in-built mailing and social media features that help increase customer numbers.


Our sites are all responsive which means they look good and fit perfectly – no matter what device you view them on. This is crucial as more and more people are viewing websites on mobile phones and tablets.


Websites that integrate e-commerce, social media and blogging platforms. These are all good ways of reaching more customers, selling your products and putting across your message. We build these solutions into websites and advise on the best ways to grow your target market.


Grow your customer base by integrating email into your website in imaginative ways. Compose newsletters using Mailchimp templates, get info on who’s reading them, and which links they visit. Include neat looking pop-ups, programmed to only appear when you want them to, and not put customers off.

Your very own website. What it costs and what to do.

  • buy a website address – you find a name and then register it – £10 per year
  • get a host and buy a plan – £5 per month
  • build a website – FREE if you build it yourself – or a one-off fee £350 if you employ Webkandii
Total is approximately £70 per year PLUS the cost of building and designing your website.

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

United Hosting

Web hosting is the place where you keep your website. It’s also the place where you can login and access your files. We recommend United Hosting. They’re a British company and host over 80,000 websites. Their customer service is incredible. They’re always available to help, and they’re very patient in answering the most basic questions. For more complex needs, they offer a massive range of services including security, domain name registration, cPanel and cloud servers.


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